Lessons from Ship 2 – Easychromium

You’ve got a shiny new computer and want to avoid closed source browser components. Firefox is already open source, but everyone needs more than one browser. Chrome is the obvious choice, but is closed. Luckily its core, Chromium, is open. Unluckily, there’s no trusted source to grab it from. This month’s ship, Easychromium, solves this problem. Read on for lessons learned from a nitty and gritty Ship 2.



Microsoft Azure PM Internship – Week 0

It’s the day before my summer PM internship (05/03/2015) with Azure and I’m sitting in a swanky one bedroom apartment (courtesy MSFT) in Redmond, WA. I got in a day ago and highly recommend an early arrival (the max MSFT allows is two days early). I was able to get a lot of my living situation setup: got my wifi working in the apartment, bought some necessities from the grocery store (“QFC,” or Quality Food Center) and transported them back via Lyft, looked up gyms, found the bus stop so I know how to get to work tomorrow, etc.

Tomorrow’s NEO (New Employee Orientation) and includes the usual onboarding and introductory spiels. More importantly, it marks the first time I’ll learn what I’m actually doing this summer.



What Is Teaching?

Having spent a fair bit of time in the academy I have had the pleasure of working with brilliant researchers and brilliant teachers. Anyone who’s taken a class knows that these two groups of people are not always the same. What do brilliant researchers lack that prevents them from becoming brilliant teachers? And do brilliant teachers posses a unique skill set beyond mastery of the material that makes them so effective?



Full Stack Product Design – Part 1

“Should we worry about what happens if the system gets flooded with too many return requests?”

My partner paused before replying. “Right now we’re here,” he said, hand about waist level. Pointing at the sky, “You’re all the way up there. We need to worry about getting to here first.”



First Known Solution to Thomson’s Lamp – Update

My complete paper is now available as a draft for review, but not for distribution. I hope to get it published in an academic journal of philosophy. The main proof concerning Thomson’s Lamp has not changed, but I expanded it to anticipate what I think will be a common objection. That proof is reproduced below, and the draft paper is attached.