Microsoft Azure PM Internship – Weeks 2 and 3

Weeks two and three were largely uneventful. I spent most of my time emailing recruiters, mentors, managers, and skips (manager’s manager) to get my internship mixup sorted out. By the end of Week 2 it was finally (mostly) resolved with a new manager and a new project. Finally – I have a project!



Microsoft Azure PM Internship – Week 0

It’s the day before my summer PM internship (05/03/2015) with Azure and I’m sitting in a swanky one bedroom apartment (courtesy MSFT) in Redmond, WA. I got in a day ago and highly recommend an early arrival (the max MSFT allows is two days early). I was able to get a lot of my living situation setup: got my wifi working in the apartment, bought some necessities from the grocery store (“QFC,” or Quality Food Center) and transported them back via Lyft, looked up gyms, found the bus stop so I know how to get to work tomorrow, etc.

Tomorrow’s NEO (New Employee Orientation) and includes the usual onboarding and introductory spiels. More importantly, it marks the first time I’ll learn what I’m actually doing this summer.