Full Stack Product Design – Part 1

“Should we worry about what happens if the system gets flooded with too many return requests?”

My partner paused before replying. “Right now we’re here,” he said, hand about waist level. Pointing at the sky, “You’re all the way up there. We need to worry about getting to here first.”



Zero to One: Building Mamoru – Weeks 1 and 2

This post is part of a series, “Zero to One: Building Mamoru from the Ground Up.”

While winning the Hackathon was great, I’m excited to make Mamoru into my first serious attempt at a company. No doubt the fastest route to market would be hiring a competent programmer to do the heavy lifting for me.



First Known Solution to Thomson’s Lamp – Update

My complete paper is now available as a draft for review, but not for distribution. I hope to get it published in an academic journal of philosophy. The main proof concerning Thomson’s Lamp has not changed, but I expanded it to anticipate what I think will be a common objection. That proof is reproduced below, and the draft paper is attached.



First Known Solution to Thomson’s Lamp

Attached is a draft academic paper detailing what I believe to be the first known solution to the paradox posed by Thomson’s Lamp. The paper discusses the paradox, Benacerraf’s critique, and the philosophical consequences of being able to prove a supertask possible. It is currently in draft form and will be revised further. The full solution is already contained within, and that section is unlikely to be revised further. I have reproduced the solution below.

This post and the attached paper are copyright Abhishek Bose-Kolanu 2014, all rights reserved.



Meditation Challenge Week 1

August 8th was the end of the first week of my meditation challenge and I cobbled together some insights below.

A quick refresher – the challenge is to meditate consistently for one month. 5 minutes/day for the first week, 10 minutes/day the second, 15 minutes/day the third, and 20 minutes/day the fourth.



Staying Motivated While Sick

Being sick sucks. There’s nothing like continually going up in your squat for three weeks in a row only to get the sniffles one day and start feeling like your head is going to implode after each rep. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, I’m there right now.